Meaning of quaffable in English:



See quaff

‘A scrumptious pizza, half-a-litre of very quaffable wine and three scoops of the finest ice cream cost just over £10 which was a real bargain in a city reckoned to be one of the dearer European destinations.’
  • ‘From the Silk Road to Shanghai, wine in the Middle Kingdom has had a long march through history to evolve into what is fast becoming a quaffable libation for trendy young high-fliers.’
  • ‘Okay, so it's not the most sophisticated wine, but compared with some of the filth sloshing around at the same price, Blue Nun is eminently quaffable.’
  • ‘With his wife Alison, he opened the brewery ten years ago, and has since established his beers as among the most distinctive and quaffable around.’
  • ‘It's definitely not an offensive wine, rather the opposite, it's very quaffable; but a little tame for my liking.’