Meaning of quality control in English:

quality control


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mass noun
  • A system of maintaining standards in manufactured products by testing a sample of the output against the specification.

    ‘There's a tendency to obscurity when what the free market demands is quality control and open competition.’
    • ‘However, in his later work his interests turned more towards applications to areas such as reliability and quality control.’
    • ‘The company refuses to use brokers unless at the request of the customer as it considers this might compromise its quality control.’
    • ‘Where was the accountability and quality control necessary to prevent such a disaster?’
    • ‘Every employee makes sure craftsmanship and quality control come first.’
    • ‘Now the stringent board registration scheme sets standards for audit quality control and auditor independence.’
    • ‘In the final step, quality assurance and quality control of the peaks were performed.’
    • ‘Many of the pills are produced without adequate quality control, although the pills and the packaging can appear to be the same.’
    • ‘Mass production is about quality control, which means keeping everything the same.’
    • ‘For improved quality control alone, it set up a new department and staffed it with 250 new people.’
    • ‘But now the new association hopes a stamp of approval can be issued to goods that have been tested for quality control.’
    • ‘Hence, there is need for safety regulation and quality control of these products.’
    • ‘Yet Germany is often praised for the exemplary standard of quality control of herbal medicines.’
    • ‘This smoothing process also keeps waste to a minimum and helps maintain quality control.’
    • ‘They are being constructed by NEC in Okahandja under strict quality control.’
    • ‘According to Beggan, the secret is to do your quality control at source.’
    • ‘Then add another couple of weeks for quality control and customer focus groups, he adds.’
    • ‘The business team organization is one of these factors as well as the approach to quality control.’
    • ‘The hard copy images are suited to audit and quality control, which are noticeably absent from the present system.’
    • ‘As point of care testing is likely to be done by staff with limited technical background, training and quality control are critical.’