Meaning of quality of life in English:

quality of life

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  • The standard of health, comfort, and happiness experienced by an individual or group.

    ‘the things that are needed for a good quality of life’
    • ‘ideas to improve overall quality of life’
    • ‘The ability to live and work together is destroyed, social capital is depleted, and quality of life is diminished.’
    • ‘Social resources are at least as important as ecological resources in supporting a desirable quality of life.’
    • ‘Overall, self-perceived quality of life for individuals in this population sample was high with over 90% indicating very acceptable or excellent quality of life.’
    • ‘If a hog barn is built next to my farm and affects my quality of life and property value, I can't be compensated.’
    • ‘He insists that the employees earn decent salaries and enjoy a good quality of life, so mostly he focuses on lowering other costs of production.’
    • ‘Most new farmers are able to earn a decent income, but more important, they have a higher quality of life because they are living a life that they love.’
    • ‘Whenever we use the conventional economy to extract from nature at rates faster than nature can regenerate, we are degrading the productivity of the ecological economy, and ultimately will degrade our overall quality of life.’
    • ‘The studies reinforce the economic value of beautiful countryside and a high quality environment and underline the need to ensure they are protected to secure employment, quality of life and growth in the rural economy.’
    • ‘If I live in northeast Regina, the smell of the oil refinery and the occasional bit of ash raining from the sky affect my quality of life.’
    • ‘Humane handling improves quality of life and quality of meat’
    • ‘Our work shows that people need to have affordable housing for several different reasons and its provision can play an important role in improving quality of life.’
    • ‘Chicago is committed to supporting small businesses and improving the quality of life for its residents.’