Meaning of quantum computer in English:

quantum computer


  • A computer which makes use of the quantum states of subatomic particles to store information.

    • ‘Moreover, Meyer's games do not require the bits to be entangled, so they might even help answer one of the fundamental questions in quantum computing: do the qubits in a quantum computer have to be entangled for it to work at all?’
    • ‘Superpositioning allows the quantum computer to simultaneously store multiple bit patterns, or states, depending on the number of particles in the system.’
    • ‘The high efficiency of a quantum computer facilitates computing far beyond the capacity of present-day equipment.’
    • ‘But to perform the logic operations vital to a quantum computer, two qubits have to become entangled.’
    • ‘Ions are arguably the leading candidate for use as qubits in a quantum computer.’
    • ‘The strange properties of the quantum world should allow a quantum computer to outperform any existing computer.’
    • ‘Physicists believe that the quantum states of the electrons can be used as quantum bits - or qubits - for encoding data in a superfast quantum computer.’
    • ‘An array of only 30 phosphorus atoms could act as the heart of a quantum computer more powerful than today's supercomputers.’
    • ‘‘It's one more step towards the holy grail of finding a better quantum bit, which hopefully will lead to a quantum computer,’ he said.’
    • ‘Although possibly still decades from fruition, a quantum computer would work much faster than today's computers.’
    • ‘By combining the register and gate there would then be all the basic components available for developing a quantum computer with neutral atoms.’
    • ‘This allows the quantum computer to efficiently carry out a large number of calculations simultaneously.’
    • ‘Now, if you get as far as getting a quantum computer up and running, if this actually leads to a quantum computer, what sort of things would a quantum computer be able to do?’
    • ‘Of course, I don't believe in quantum error correction or rather I don't believe we will use the standard approach to quantum error correcting to obtain a fault-tolerant quantum computer.’
    • ‘A quantum computer is an extremely small photon driven device which can perform some kind of useful logical work, particularly in the area of encryption.’
    • ‘When a quantum computer tries to copy a qubit, it forces the qubit to become either one or zero and destroys the information.’
    • ‘However, Deutsch has argued that it may be that all finite systems in Nature can be simulated by a quantum computer.’
    • ‘However, it will still take a lot of work to build a useful quantum computer.’
    • ‘In addition to allowing fundamental tests of quantum mechanics and quantum optics in a completely new format, this new system has many desirable features for a quantum computer.’
    • ‘Scientists have discovered how the performance of a quantum computer can be affected by its surrounding environment.’