Meaning of quasispecies in English:


Pronunciation /ˈkweɪzʌɪˌspiːʃɪz/ /ˈkwɑːziˌspiːʃɪz/ /ˈkweɪzʌɪˌspiːsɪz/

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  • 1rare A race or type of plant or animal which appears superficially to be a distinct species, or is named by some as though it were such, but is regarded (especially by later workers) as not warranting such status. Also in extended use.

  • 2Originally (in models of evolutionary selection): a group of similar but non-identical DNA or RNA molecules, with a distribution centred on a hypothetically ideal sequence, resulting from a balance between mutation and selection pressure. In later use also: a population of viruses with genomic sequences of this nature.


Mid 19th century; earliest use found in Hewett Watson (1804–1881), botanist and phrenologist. From quasi + species.