Meaning of Queen's Chain in English:

Queen's Chain


New Zealand, West Indian
  • A strip of public-access land along coasts and waterways, of up to 20 metres wide.

    ‘they reclaimed land from waters adjacent to the Queen's Chain’
    • ‘They were the owners of the hinterland to the Queen's Chain.’
    • ‘Above the beach along the bay Lies a rolling, grass domain, Shaded by trees, twenty meters wide, Formed from the old Queen's chain.’
    • ‘Besides, I was on the Queen's Chain.’
    • ‘McKenzie was also instrumental in the first full legislation of the Queen's Chain.’
    • ‘The schedule refers to all that land consisting of the Queen's Chain lying between Saltibus Point to the South and Burgot Point to the North.’
    • ‘One merely had to find access to one of the many rivers, and then keep more or less within the Queen's chain.’
    • ‘The result was the precious littoral strip New Zealanders call the Queen's Chain.’
    • ‘I sit writing this in a country whose people enjoy open access to rivers and riverbanks. The arrangement is called the Queen's chain.’
    • ‘A Land Act (1892) established the notion of the Queen's Chain - access for all to rivers, lakes, and coasts.’
    • ‘The Department of Conservation raised the need for a marginal strip, or "Queen's Chain".’


Late 19th century from chain in the sense ‘unit of length’. The strip of land was originally one chain (66 ft) wide.