Meaning of quick as a flash in English:

quick as a flash

(also as quick as a flash)


  • Very quickly.

    ‘quick as a flash he was at her side’
    • ‘‘You saved the best till last,’ replies the candidate, quick as a flash.’
    • ‘As quick as a flash, his eyes darted to Stevie, and he said: ‘Does that mean we have to call you Gerry now?’’
    • ‘She reveals she buys all her own clothes for work, ‘although I never pay full price,’ she adds, quick as a flash.’
    • ‘The lights were bright, the chorus and orchestra deafening, the adrenaline pumping, the action frantic and then, as quick as a flash, it was all over.’
    • ‘But as the ball bounced up the youngster, as quick as a flash, hooked it over his shoulder.’
    • ‘If they'd have let her come with us, she'd have been on that boat as quick as a flash.’
    • ‘As quick as a flash, he pulled a gun from his backpack.’
    • ‘The gray cat jumped a few good inches off the ground in surprise and ran quick as a flash into the adjoining bathroom, skidding slightly on the tiles.’
    • ‘Then, quick as a flash, something smashed the window and flew across the room, making her jump involuntarily.’
    • ‘As quick as a flash, Arthur jumped on one of the bikes and turned the ignition key.’