Meaning of quick fix in English:

quick fix


  • An easy remedy or solution, especially a temporary one which fails to address underlying problems.

    • ‘investors will need to be patient and not expect any quick fixes’
    • ‘the quick fix approach can be disastrous’
    • ‘We put all of our efforts into finding the quick fix.’
    • ‘We should not go for a quick fix.’
    • ‘There is no quick fix, no matter how good the leadership is.’
    • ‘Many economists argue that such quick fixes don't work.’
    • ‘Some consumers will continue to want quick fixes, whether it's exercise in a can or a pill to curb their appetite.’
    • ‘What might seem like a quick fix can actually ruin that very expensive, irreplaceable motor.’
    • ‘There is no quick fix for the problem.’
    • ‘We really have learned that there are very few quick fixes to these problems.’
    • ‘Easy money and lower interest rates won't provide a quick fix.’
    • ‘The secret to successful organic farming is to maintain a proper environment in the fields, and to not depend on "quick fixes."’
    • ‘Be careful about using the Internet or quick-fix diet books for children.’
    • ‘Unfortunately, there is no quick-fix answer to make a child instantly popular.’
    • ‘I thought a quick-fix diet would get me the svelte body I desired.’
    • ‘I sought counseling, self-help books and quick-fix schemes.’
    • ‘Don't be tempted to rely solely on pesticides as a quick-fix solution to any lawn problem.’