Meaning of quids in in English:

quids in


informal British
  • In a position where one has profited or is likely to profit from something.

    • ‘put your brain power to the test—you could be quids in with a cash prize’
    • ‘In areas where purchase prices are cheap, but high student numbers keep rents high, they will be quids in by subsidising their offspring through higher education if they buy a house to let out to others at the college.’
    • ‘The more sceptical claimed the council would be quids in by selling off the old school site, but no, that had nothing to do with it - it was purely a matter of space, said the council.’
    • ‘If Premiership status is achieved, they'll be quids in.’
    • ‘While novelists rely solely on the revenue from book sales, songwriters, in theory, can still be quids in even without a solitary record being sold.’
    • ‘I thought that if you were a woman you were quids in.’
    • ‘Keeping on top of dates which must not be missed and putting a little thought into finances will pay off, hopefully leaving you quids in come the end of December.’
    • ‘If there's ever a call for that kind of skill in the cut-throat world of international communications, I'll be quids in.’
    • ‘Bargain hunters have been cashing in big-time on a discount bonanza which has left them quids in at the check-outs.’
    • ‘However, those who took advantage of the fixed-rate deals on offer before the upward movement are quids in.’
    • ‘As long as the share price rises, and for that there is no guarantee, then staff should be quids in, as long as they stay with the bank.’
    thriving, doing well, prospering, buoyant, expanding, flourishing, successful, strong, vigorous, productive, profitable, booming, burgeoning, fruitful, roaring, golden, palmy