Meaning of quietus in English:


Pronunciation /kwʌɪˈiːtəs/

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nounplural noun quietuses

  • 1 literary Death or something that causes death, regarded as a release from life.

    ‘Then there are those who brim with passion not just for the state-approved quietus, but with fury for those who oppose it.’
    • ‘Not the bloody quietus of Titus or Hamlet or Braveheart; it wasn't frank enough, nor so wrenching.’
    • ‘His quietus is a great loss not only to the Tatas but also to the whole nation.’
    death, dying, demise, passing, passing on, passing away, expiration, expiry
    1. 1.1 archaic Something that has a calming or soothing effect.


Late Middle English abbreviation of medieval Latin quietus est ‘he is quit’ (see quit), originally used as a form of receipt or discharge on payment of a debt.