Meaning of quirt in English:



  • A short-handled riding whip with a braided leather lash.

    ‘For years people who want to have a recreational horse, and enjoy themselves, and don't want to have to be pulling and jerking on their horse or smacking it around with a quirt, or ramming the spurs home, have benefitted from our program.’
    whip, horsewhip, lash, strap, birch, switch, flail


[with object]
  • Hit with a quirt.

    ‘Claggart quirted her again and again’
    • ‘Their stocky Indian driver, pigtailed and black-hatted, followed them astride a mule and quirted their hindquarters with a length of rope which he swung like a lariat.’
    hit, beat, flog, whip, horsewhip, scourge, lash, flagellate, flail, strap, birch, cane, belt, leather


Mid 19th century (originally US): from Spanish cuerda ‘cord’ (from Latin chorda ‘cord’) or from Mexican Spanish cuarta ‘whip’.