Meaning of quite a few in English:

quite a few


  • A fairly large number.

    ‘quite a few people got the wrong impression’
    • ‘You need quite a few to make the juice for this jelly, and it is much easier to do if you have a blender or food processor.’
    • ‘It means that I have to buy everybody presents, and not get anything back from quite a few.’
    • ‘I explained quite a few more times but eventually he just shut his window and took no notice.’
    • ‘There are others, of course, quite a few of them, but it'd be boring to list them all.’
    • ‘He admits that quite a few very experienced climbers have died on the West Ridge route.’
    • ‘Yes quite a few, it's one of the things about living in London or any big city I guess.’
    • ‘Branson understands that quite a few of us harbour a desire to rise above the multitude.’
    • ‘He has been able to find sufficient time to create quite a few items during his free time.’
    • ‘Sligo has been waiting for quite a few things for a long time and now two of them come together.’
    • ‘I am not sure I have a hero as such, but there are quite a few figures that I admire.’