Meaning of quite a lot in English:

quite a lot

(also quite a bit)


  • A considerable amount.

    ‘my job involves quite a lot of travel’
    ‘he's quite a bit older than she is’
    • ‘It took ten times the amount of energy and quite a bit of time to learn even the basics.’
    • ‘Over the past few days I have done quite a lot of press, radio and little bits of television as well.’
    • ‘There were quite a lot of them, so they were cheap, but they were obviously hand-made.’
    • ‘I've seen quite a lot of him recently because of his contacts in the music world.’
    • ‘I spend quite a lot of my time sitting at my computer, but I almost never think about how it works.’
    • ‘There were quite a lot of young adults in their late teens as well as children buying.’
    • ‘I also got lots of phone calls and quite a lot of people asking for jobs there.’
    • ‘She may not call herself an actress but, in a short time, has learned quite a lot about the business.’
    • ‘In some cases it took quite a lot of persuasion because there is such a lack of trust.’
    • ‘We like to relax so we also spent quite a lot of our time on the hotel beach and in the swimming pool.’