Meaning of quite the little — in English:

quite the little —


  • Used as a condescending or ironic recognition that someone has a particular quality or accomplishment.

    ‘you've become quite the little horsewoman’
    • ‘And the pharmacy clerks - it took no fewer than five of them to bring my drug deal to a conclusion; who knows how many it takes change a light bulb - are quite the little rays of sunshine, too.’
    • ‘Their biggest asset is that, instead of just rehashing the same riffs, they actually prove to be quite the little tunesmiths and make the rawk memorable with some catchy choruses.’
    • ‘He speaks perfect English and is quite the little gentlemen.’
    • ‘He's becoming quite the little AAA veteran.’
    • ‘They had become quite the little young ladies.’
    • ‘He is quite a little money maker considering.’