Meaning of quizmaster in English:



  • A person who asks the questions and enforces the rules in a television or radio quiz programme.

    • ‘There were many attractive gifts and trophies for the winners as well as for the audience who answered the tricky questions from the quizmaster.’
    • ‘Since then he has become a formidable quizmaster and he had kept all the questions he has ever asked in a filing cabinet.’
    • ‘The booming voice of the quizmaster is being punctuated by the beep of mobile phones receiving text messages.’
    • ‘But at the very last minute, just as the quizmaster was coming round, my phone vibrated.’
    • ‘I have always wondered if this was true, or was cooked up by the quizmaster.’
    • ‘Quiz competitions are always a learning experience - whether you are a participant or part of the audience or a quizmaster.’
    • ‘A word of thanks are extended also to the quizmasters, the people who donated spot prizes, and to all who took part each week.’
    • ‘I am not the quizmaster; I am merely the referee.’
    • ‘The quizmaster had a tough time keeping his wits about as hundreds of school students screamed at him from all sides wanting to be asked questions and wanting to lay their hands on the prizes.’
    • ‘But the quizmaster was firm - at one time even threatening to crucify anyone who prompted the participants.’
    • ‘He says a quizmaster is supposed to know all the answers.’
    • ‘Audience participation was animated to the point that the quizmaster had to hush the audience during the tie to pre-empt prompts.’