Meaning of quoll in English:


Pronunciation /kwɒl/


  • A catlike carnivorous marsupial with short legs and a white-spotted coat, native to the forests of Australia and New Guinea.

    Genus Dasyurus, family Dasyuridae: several species

    ‘There are a variety of possums, early kangaroos, koalas, wombats and quolls, as well as marsupial groups that are now completely extinct.’
    • ‘Adding insult to ecosystem injury, the poisonous toad instantly kills any predator that attempts to eat it, particularly the quoll, Australia's marsupial cat, and giant native lizards.’
    • ‘There are even plans to bring back quolls, catlike native predators.’
    • ‘Oh well, we get the wallabies, devils and quolls, wombats, and then you get the wedge-tailed eagles and goshawks, and lots of owls and bats.’
    • ‘Many small carnivorous marsupials live there, and some of them - six species of quolls and one phascogale - grow to about the size of civets and mongooses [see photographs on opposite page].’
    • ‘Alternatively, you might linger at the lodge, where the after-dinner floorshow is unique: on the porch a procession of quolls, possums and Tasmanian Devils arrive, politely waiting for you to hand-feed them.’
    • ‘The threatened animals include birds such as the ground parrot and eastern quoll and marsupials such as the Eastern barred bandicoot and Tasmanian devil.’
    • ‘If you don't know what Tasmanian devils, numbats and quolls are, this is your chance to find you.’
    • ‘East Point has nesting turtles, quolls, echidnas, goannas and other animals, and rich marine life.’
    • ‘We'd probably lose five to seven species, including the quolls, even the Tasmanian Devil.’
    • ‘Where once the quolls population was secure, between feral cats and wild dogs and now the toads, they're disappearing at an alarming rate.’
    • ‘He says species threatened in the forest include the extremely rare Wielangta stag beetle, the swift parrot, Tasmania's wedge-tail eagle and the tiger quoll.’
    • ‘Meanwhile, a PhD student is setting traps to collect hair samples from the park's population of spotted-tailed quolls.’
    • ‘It's well known quolls and goannas will suffer when cane toads arrive in droves across the Top End, but, the impact on snakes is not as well documented.’
    • ‘For example, the Desert Park has some western quolls which were prolific in the Centre until about a hundred years ago.’


Late 18th century from Guugu Yimidhirr (an Aboriginal language) dhigul.