Meaning of quota sample in English:

quota sample


  • A sample taken from a stratified population by sampling until a pre-assigned quota in each stratum is represented.

    • ‘A randomized quota sample of drivers from the general population was used for the control group.’
    • ‘The poll was conducted amongst a national quota sample of 1,000 voters at 100 sample points in all constituencies in the state last Monday and Tuesday.’
    • ‘Each participating practice drew a quota sample of patients aged 18 and over from their practice list, excluding patients deemed inappropriate - for example, those likely to be distressed by being approached to take part in the study.’
    • ‘A stratification system based on population and census data created a modified probability sample in all centers with 1000 or more people and a quota sample in rural areas.’
    • ‘More than that, they realised that their quota samples did not accurately represent the people who voted.’