Main meanings of R in English

: r1R2R3R4


Pronunciation /ɑː/

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nounplural noun Rs, plural noun R's

(also r)
  • 1The eighteenth letter of the alphabet.

    1. 1.1Denoting the next after Q in a set of items, categories, etc.


    the R months
    • The months with R in their names (September to April), considered to be the season for eating oysters.

    the three Rs
    • Reading, writing, and arithmetic, regarded as the fundamentals of learning.

      ‘why couldn't they just leave well alone and let pupils concentrate on the three Rs?’
      • ‘An annual poll of headteachers shows that increasing numbers of them think the policies being used to improve pupils' grasp of the three Rs in primary schools are working.’
      • ‘Perhaps society would be better off if its schools stuck to the three Rs and did a solid job in domains where they enjoy both competence and wide public support.’
      • ‘Researchers identified a steady rise in time spent on the three Rs by juniors in England over the six years to 2002.’
      • ‘Today's tables were based on the results achieved by the first year group of children to be affected by the extension of the primary school drive to improve the three Rs to comprehensives.’
      • ‘One of the great developments has been the broadening of education in Ireland from the three Rs to the total development of people.’
      • ‘This seems a real pity since it is common to see grown up girls, well past primary school level, learning the three Rs after they have finished with household work.’
      • ‘With the introduction of ‘payment by results’ in the 1860s, all children in elementary schools over the age of 6 were examined in the three Rs.’
      • ‘We think it should become national policy that the educational system teach entrepreneurship just like it teaches the three Rs.’
      • ‘It was not until the School Enforcement Act of 1876 that families were legally obliged to have their offspring educated and parents had to pay to have their children taught the three Rs.’
      • ‘The practice of publishing figures showing attainment levels among schoolchildren in the three Rs has been scrapped, because the figures repeatedly damned the executive's appalling performance in education.’
      • ‘Not enough funding, poor pay for academics, youngsters turning up with no grasp of the three Rs… there's always something to complain about.’
      • ‘Like most seven-year-olds, Joe can think of a zillion things to do with his time other than the three Rs, which I assume are still being taught in school.’
      • ‘His education there went far beyond the three Rs, taking in falconry, boxing and, most importantly, self-preservation.’
      • ‘‘Many were filling gaps in their knowledge of the three Rs, whilst at the other end of the scale at least 20 prisoners were pursuing Open University courses, two of whom gained degrees,’ it says.’
      • ‘Diversity might include free-thinking, liberal-minded schools, alongside those that favour the firm thwack of the three Rs above all else.’
      • ‘Company bosses today said they were satisfied with this year's A level results, but said too many young people are leaving school without a good grasp of the three Rs.’
      • ‘Some blamed early childhood centres for focusing on the three Rs rather than play.’
      • ‘There have been calls for a radical delivery of the three Rs, and we back this.’

Main meanings of R in English

: r1R2R3R4


Pronunciation /ɑː/

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(also R number)
  • A figure expressing the rate at which an infectious disease spreads, taken as the average number of cases arising by transmission from a single infected individual.

    ‘there are lots of things we can do to reduce R, including reducing our social contacts by continuing social distancing’
    • ‘he warned that an increase in the R number would see a rapid escalation of cases’


1970s the initial letter of reproduction or reproductive.

Main meanings of R in English

: r1R2R3R4


Pronunciation /ɑː/

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  • 1Rand.

    • ‘a farm worth nearly R1,3 million’
  • 2(in names of sports clubs) Rangers or Rovers.

    ‘Berwick R’
    • ‘Featherstone R’
  • 3Réaumur (a temperature scale, now obsolete)

    • ‘198.6 °R’
  • 4Regina or Rex.

    • ‘Elizabeth R’
  • 5

    (also ®)
    Registered as a trademark.

  • 6(in the US) Republican.

  • 7North American (in film classification) restricted (denoting films restricted to viewers over a certain age).

  • 8(on a gear shift) reverse.

  • 9R.River (chiefly on maps).

  • 10Roentgen(s).

  • 11Romania (international vehicle registration).

  • 12Rook (in recording moves in chess)

    • ‘21.Rh4’
  • 13Cricket
    (on scorecards) run(s).

  • 1Chemistry
    An unspecified alkyl or other organic radical or group.


    Abbreviation of radical.

  • 2Electrical resistance.

  • 3Chemistry
    The gas constant.

Main meanings of r in English

: r1R2R3R4


Pronunciation /ɑː/

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  • 1Recto.

  • 2(giving position or direction) right.

    • ‘l to r: Evan, Nic, and David’
  • 3Law

    • ‘under r 7.4 (6) the court may hear an application immediately’

  • 1Radius.

    • ‘2πr’
  • 2Statistics
    Correlation coefficient.

    • ‘sigmoidoscopic and symptom scores also showed a significant correlation with each other (r = 0.91)’