Main meanings of Ra in English

: Ra1Ra2RA3


Pronunciation /rɑː/

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proper noun

(also Re)
Egyptian Mythology
  • The sun god, the supreme Egyptian deity, worshipped as the creator of all life and typically portrayed with a falcon's head bearing the solar disc. From earliest times he was associated with the pharaoh.


Main meanings of Ra in English

: Ra1Ra2RA3


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  • The chemical element radium.

Main meanings of RA in English

: Ra1Ra2RA3


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  • 1Argentina (international vehicle registration).


    From Spanish República Argentina ‘Argentine Republic’.

  • 2Astronomy
    Right ascension.

  • 3(in the UK) Royal Academician.

  • 4(in the UK) Royal Academy.

  • 5(in the UK) Royal Artillery.

  • 6(in the UK) Rugby Association (in the names of rugby clubs)

    • ‘Darlington RA’