Meaning of rabbinic in English:


Pronunciation /rəˈbɪnɪk/

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  • Relating to rabbis or to Jewish law or teachings.

    ‘rabbinical studies’
    • ‘One of the little known biblical figures who has attracted contemporary Jewish women writers is Lilith, who in Jewish folklore and rabbinic commentary is described as Adam's first wife, prior to Eve.’
    • ‘Indeed, this is where the center of Jewish rabbinic authority came to rest after the Byzantine Empire shut down the Sanhedrin in 363 CE.’
    • ‘He codified all the rabbinic teachings into a collected work known as the Mishnah.’
    • ‘But the Jesus movement that eventually became the Church evolved out of the same early Jewish matrix as did rabbinic Judaism.’
    • ‘One of the most famous of his teachings consists of two Torah quotations that were staples of Judaism and echoes the emphasis of the rabbinic teachings of his era.’
    • ‘The daughter of a Hungarian rabbi and a scion from a respected rabbinic family, she courageously hung onto to her Jewish faith.’
    • ‘What respect is there for the words of the Prophets, the Talmudic Sages or the rabbinic giants of today?’
    • ‘For almost two thousand years, rabbinic Jews accepted that they would suffer expulsions, they would suffer pogroms, but they believed that the Jewish people could live beyond expulsions and pogroms.’
    • ‘The various sects that developed - such as the Sadducees and the Karaites - questioned the oral tradition or rabbinic law, but never the Divine origin of the Torah.’
    • ‘But there are some who pray the Sabbath prayers and recite the Kiddush and then go desecrate the Sabbath by doing work that is forbidden by the Torah and by rabbinic enactment.’
    • ‘The Talmud and other rabbinic literature stress the need to compromise in order to have peaceful relationships between husband and wife.’
    • ‘The Sadducees were always more acceptable in the eyes of the Hellenist Jews than their rabbinic foes.’
    • ‘Enlightened Jewish physicians wanted to cooperate with the government and override rabbinic authority but were unable to change this long-standing Jewish custom.’
    • ‘When the Tzaddik of Sanz assumed his first rabbinic position, he was approached by someone who wished to sue in the rabbinical court the wealthiest, most powerful person in the community.’
    • ‘You must be able to work effectively with an active and diverse board of lay leaders, with rabbinic and non-rabbinic staff, and with congregational rabbis and their boards.’
    • ‘Indeed, the Gemara is a compilation of the various rabbinic discussions on the Mishna, and as such completes the understanding of the Mishna.’
    • ‘In rabbinic Judaism, the rabbis acted as examples for others in their congregation and community.’
    • ‘In the rabbinic imagination even God is portrayed as struggling to allow divine mercy overcome divine judgment and anger: ‘What does God pray?’’
    • ‘The Conservative and Reform movements started out of more internescine warfare concerning adjusting dress, non-Torah mandated codes of conduct, and outdated rabbinic decisions into modern times and modern terms.’
    • ‘His contributions to rabbinic scholarship were of great value, for he discovered many manuscripts of Jewish value that were not seen by Jewish scholars for centuries.’