Meaning of rabbit fence in English:

rabbit fence


(also rabbit-proof fence)
Australian, New Zealand
  • A fence erected to prevent the spread of wild rabbits and other agricultural pests from one region to another.

    ‘the barrier was part of a network of rabbit fences stretching across the continent’
    • ‘The "Rabbit Fence" marks a clear and straight boundary between the southwest and the area to the east where forest still survives.’
    • ‘In spite of the failure of the rabbit fence, they have also built a dingo fence to protect the sheep from dingo attacks.’
    • ‘The barrier was once part of a vast network of rabbit fences stretching right across the continent.’
    • ‘Most of the old rabbit fences have now fallen into disrepair.’
    • ‘We'd be following the old rabbit fence that was put in the late 1890s.’
    • ‘I pulled weeds from my failed sunflower garden and rolled up the rabbit fence that had lined it.’
    • ‘When they reached the rabbit-proof fence, they followed it to the creek.’
    • ‘It is not until they discover that the rabbit-proof fence is nearby that they finally find a path home.’
    • ‘The rabbit-proof fence bisects Western Australia from north to south.’
    • ‘They have loads of rabbits that can't get through the rabbit-proof fence, but can hop in through the gate.’