Meaning of rabbit food in English:

rabbit food


mass noun humorous
  • Salad, seen as insubstantial or tasteless.

    ‘Why eat rabbit food when there's a whole other menu out there?’
    • ‘The combination, a little bit Earl Grey, a little bit rabbit food, is refreshingly edgy - almost fusion.’
    • ‘And I'm freaking hungry because all I've been eating lately is rabbit food.’
    • ‘Two hours after digesting this rabbit food, I had to prick myself to monitor my blood sugar to see how my body had absorbed what, by my standards, could hardly be called a decent lunch.’
    • ‘It's all about showing healthy food can be tasty and not just rabbit food, but the menu has to be something the kids want.’
    • ‘You won't be starving or subsisting on rabbit food, but you will need to make an all-out effort to stay on the dietary plan until you reach your goal.’
    • ‘Of course, should I suggest that they become vegetarian too there are horrified expressions and declarations of never being able to live on rabbit food.’
    • ‘As fantastic as it is to see celebrities looking bad, everyone knows the pressure they are under to always look their best, from four hour work outs to diets of rabbit food.’
    • ‘Below are some protein-rich foods that can turn a wimpy plate of rabbit food into a muscle-packed meal.’
    • ‘There is nothing to be gained by eating rabbit food if you douse it with mayo, oily dressings, cream sauces or sour cream.’
    • ‘It serves fry-ups for breakfast and big meaty meals for lunch, as well as the juice and rabbit food that some of my colleagues seem to prefer.’
    • ‘In Christian myth, too, unfallen man is vegetarian, or strictly vegan: when Adam and Eve entertain the angels in Paradise Lost, Milton notes that they serve rabbit food - ‘No fear lest dinner cool’.’
    • ‘Gwen made a face at the rabbit food, ordering two different types of sushi and a bottle of sake for herself.’