Meaning of rabbit inspector in English:

rabbit inspector


Australian, New Zealand
  • An official who enforces regulations relating to the control of the population of wild rabbits in an area.

    ‘a whole army of rabbit inspectors do the checking’
    • ‘There was a Rabbit Inspector who rapped out "The Scout" in a defiant baritone.’
    • ‘Veterinary inspectors, rangers and rabbit inspectors were employed as field staff.’
    • ‘The 'rabbit inspector' examined veterinary receipts.’
    • ‘Wallace opened the gate and almost ran to the Rabbit Inspector's house.’
    • ‘There's a rabbit inspector lives in this here township.’
    • ‘He was briefly an MP in Australia and then a rabbit inspector.’
    • ‘His experience was that the Rabbit Inspectors never compelled a land-owner to destroy all the rabbits on his land.’