Meaning of rabbitfish in English:


Pronunciation /ˈrabɪtfɪʃ/

nounplural noun rabbitfish, plural noun rabbitfishes

  • 1A ratfish found in the north-eastern Atlantic and around South Africa.

    Also called rat-tail

    Chimaera monstrosa, family Chimaeridae

    ‘As discussed in physical description above, rabbitfishes lose their color at nightfall and may also change color if threatened.’
    • ‘Throughout the ferry, nudibranchs, groupers, puffers, and wrasses had taken up residence along with juvenile barracuda, fusiliers and rabbitfish.’
    • ‘Large schools of rabbitfish and Sergeant Majors seeking a handout provide guaranteed excitement for snorkellers.’
    • ‘But I also remember being amazed by the lush underwater scene and taking home happy memories of rabbitfish snacking on our bubbles as they escorted us around the house reef.’
  • 2A fish with a blunt snout and rabbit-like jaws, found in inshore waters of the tropical Indo-Pacific, especially around reefs.

    Family Siganidae: several genera and species, in particular Siganus oramin

    ‘Siganids get their common name, rabbitfishes, from their peaceful temperament, rounded blunt snout, and rabbit-like appearance of the jaws.’
    • ‘Smaller shoals of zooplanktivores, such as rabbitfishes and the juvenile forms of many other reef species, are also found hovering above and around coral reefs.’