Meaning of race riot in English:

race riot


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  • A public outbreak of violence due to racial antagonism.

    ‘She is about 13 years old, living proof of the tensions that have grown up over decades in Redfern, passing down the generations and exploding into a full-blown race riot.’
    • ‘White resistance to further expansion, exacerbated by the postwar competition for jobs and rising political tensions, strained racial amity and led to a bloody race riot in 1919.’
    • ‘In response to a Tallahassee race riot in August 1944, the association condemned mob violence and supported the governor and police for quick action in suppressing the violence.’
    • ‘A major race riot was triggered when a white gang began attacking Asian people at random after a minor disagreement, a jury heard yesterday.’
    • ‘I describe it as a race riot because I think this is something that has been coming for some time.’
    • ‘Yet few people knew about the worst race riot in America's past.’
    • ‘Everyone wanted to stress that it was not a race riot and it was not, in the sense that there was no obvious hostility to any one community.’
    • ‘The last race riot of this type occurred in Detroit in 1943.’
    • ‘The race riot that year roused a decade of civil and social rights initiatives and gave special urgency to the need for protection from an array of injustice.’
    • ‘With the deprivation and grimness of daily life ever more menacing, the race riot of 1935 seemed foreordained.’
    • ‘When he rose to power in 1981, the country still bore scars from violent race riots and a long fight against a stubborn communist insurgency.’
    • ‘Discrimination and violence again awaited returning black servicemen, and race riots erupted in 1919.’
    • ‘The violence is the worst since the race riots of 1969, which claimed the lives of hundreds of ethnic Chinese.’