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Pronunciation /ˈreɪsə/

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  • 1An animal or means of transport bred or designed for racing.

    ‘tall-masted ocean racers’
    • ‘She grinned at him, and held his hand for a second as sign of gratitude, before running into the last building, where the pure bred racers were kept.’
    • ‘Over the years he has overseen a change in his yard with National Hunt horses now outnumbering Flat racers having had more of an even split in earlier years.’
    • ‘These budget racers are designed to offer the average fan the chance to go racing without breaking the bank account.’
    • ‘In its original concept, Supermoto was designed to test a racer's all-round ability on a variety of surfaces.’
    • ‘He is familiar with the challenges facing both breeders and racers, as well as the wants and needs of the racing public.’
    • ‘It is waterproof, light and, because it is durable, can be fitted to mountain bikes or racers.’
    • ‘For the race itself, boats will be divided into two classes, with the first class consisting of racers and cruiser / racers, which are generally the larger of the boats.’
    • ‘Life aboard an ocean racer is not a breeze but, despite the hardships she faced, she is not deterred and her experiences live on.’
    • ‘He contributed his drag racing know-how to help design a quarter-mile Cadillac racer.’
    • ‘It is similar to the two wheeled speedway racers, except that these competition vehicles are 20 times the size and go one and a half times quicker.’
    • ‘Shortly after he won the Derby and then was beaten in the Belmont Stakes, he was considered more valuable as a breeder than a racer and was retired to stud in Japan.’
    • ‘I raced stock cars as a kid, sports cars as an older kid, and the current, much older kid would be racing unlimited air racers but for a lack of money.’
    • ‘These traits point to one particular breed, a relatively rare show pigeon as opposed to a roller or racer.’
    • ‘He laughed as he turned onto the highway in the neon green street racer.’
    • ‘The racer burst into flames upon impact but the fire was quickly extinguished by park staff.’
    1. 1.1A person who competes in races.
      ‘a car that every top racer wants to drive’
      • ‘he's Britain's No 1 downhill racer’
      • ‘Europe's top racers will compete in this jaw-dropping demonstration race.’
      • ‘The young racers compete year-round in qualifying races in more than 150 cities and communities.’
      • ‘The instructors are driving experts and accomplished racers with over 150 race wins and twenty professional championships to their credit.’
      • ‘The difference is that racers compete using inline skates instead of skis.’
      • ‘The experience open-wheel racers gain from competing on a variety of courses in a variety of cars is second to none.’
      • ‘However, a Cup driver must weigh the risk involved in competing against less experienced racers.’
      • ‘Once again, a fine contest between two top class racers had delivered an excellent race.’
      • ‘The racers agreed to race on the wet surface and the quarter-final heats began.’
      • ‘On Friday, the top racer from each of the program tracks will compete in the Race of Champions.’
      • ‘Divided into 11 U.S. districts, racers earn points by competing in regional events.’
      • ‘Some 25 racers competed, ranging in age from four to 50.’
      • ‘But junior racers compete over an eighth of a mile and their cars have speeds of up to 50 mph.’
      • ‘Opponents fiercely whittle down lap times in pursuit of the lead, but sometimes it is the smartest - not the fastest - racers who win the race.’
      • ‘Many of the top racers were also there, notably the Austrian downhillers hunting qualifying points for a place on their over-subscribed team for the following season.’
      • ‘New this year will also be a street stock car race for the local racers.’
      • ‘That leaves plenty of time for working with triathletes and age group racers during their racing season.’
      • ‘The racers and their boats had been arriving since early morning and had generated a great deal of interest among beachgoers.’
      • ‘Hey, good racers might draw fans, but racers with distinctive personalities draw TV ratings.’
      • ‘The strategy soon caught on with wanna-be bike racers, marathoners, and triathletes.’
      • ‘A stop of 15 seconds or more can mire a driver at the back of the field among inexperienced racers and those with ill-handling cars.’
      sportswoman, sportsman, sportsperson
    2. 1.2
      another term for racerback
      • ‘a racer bra’
  • 2A fast-moving, harmless, and typically slender-bodied snake.

    Several genera in the family Colubridae: genus Coluber, including the American C. constrictor and the European C. gemonensis (see also
    whip snake
    ), and the Asian genera Ptyas and Argyrogena (also called
    rat snake

    ‘A black snake - a harmless racer - dropped noisily from a low sable palm branch and disappeared into the underbrush.’
    • ‘Red racers, by contrast, cross open areas all the time.’
    • ‘One is the Saint Lucia racer, perhaps the rarest snake in the world, and the other is the worm snake, one of the smallest, measuring less than six inches long.’
  • 3A circular horizontal rail along which the carriage or traversing platform of a heavy gun moves.