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Pronunciation /ˈreɪʃ(ə)l/

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  • 1Relating to the major groupings into which humankind is sometimes divided on the basis of physical characteristics or shared ancestry.

    ‘a racial minority’
    • ‘In addition, Scotland has been criticised for its treatment of ethnic and racial minorities.’
    • ‘Many were the victims of persecution simply because they belong to a racial minority.’
    • ‘Once you assign someone the status of minority racial group, normal rules no longer apply.’
    • ‘They understand that racial minorities are a significant and growing force in the political process.’
    • ‘Do people define themselves in a racial, ethnic, or cultural group by their genes?’
    • ‘It was his way of asserting his identity in London, a city of considerable cultural and racial diversity.’
    • ‘It's a commonality thing, an interest matter, its not a racial, ethnic or political issue.’
    • ‘We were very conscious of the cultural and racial identities we brought with us.’
    • ‘Jews and Sikhs have been treated by the courts as belonging to racial and ethnic as well as to religious groups.’
    • ‘The racial and ethnic breakdown is seven Caucasians, four Hispanics and one Asian.’
    • ‘As far as we know these patterns hold across the ethnic and racial groups that we've studied.’
    • ‘Family history is now shaped by the complexities of personal, ethnic, and racial identity.’
    • ‘Most Americans fit into a mold defined by the dominant racial and cultural trends of their upbringing.’
    • ‘The racial group you belong to will be an imperfect predictor of the discrimination you suffer or the needs you have.’
    • ‘Both are black, a racial group that faces death sentences in disproportionate numbers, he says.’
    • ‘Is Chris ill, or is his perception simply part of his racial makeup, as Allen argues?’
    • ‘The diverse racial and ethnic background of people in New York was embraced by the unions.’
    • ‘Ideas about racial and sexual difference have long been a part of British intellectual thought.’
    • ‘It is very difficult to see how environment could be a factor in this racial difference.’
    • ‘I have never felt intimated because of my racial origin.’
    ethnic, race-related, ethnological
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    1. 1.1On the grounds of or connected with difference in race or ethnicity.
      ‘racial abuse’
      • ‘It found students were involved in verbal, physical and racial abuse against teachers.’
      • ‘The men were walking across the road and started shouting racial abuse at him.’
      • ‘Since then, the world has been consumed with religious, racial, ethnic and tribal conflict.’
      • ‘Mistreatment based on ethnic or racial biases have been alleged by a number of people.’
      • ‘Many have experienced racial prejudice from other ethnic groups than my own too.’
      • ‘This could be supplied by evidence of widespread racial prejudice on either a national or a provincial scale.’
      • ‘These athletes have done more for racial harmony than all the members of the race relations board put together.’
      • ‘The two sides also wanted to highlight the levels of racial tensions in grassroots football in the North West.’
      • ‘So it is no surprise the jokes that cut deepest concern racial issues.’
      • ‘He was particularly angry that the civil claim included an accusation of racial motivation for the attack.’
      • ‘The result: a compelling plea for racial tolerance from a very good film-maker indeed.’
      • ‘He also bangs on about racial bias in the army, though he comes to no particular conclusion where that is concerned.’
      • ‘An English Bar Disciplinary Tribunal went over the top when dealing with a racial harassment case.’
      • ‘A gun was held to the heads of two victims and racial slurs were hurled at them.’
      • ‘Police are also keeping an open mind as to a possible racial motive and are liaising with community leaders in the area.’
      • ‘The announcements come after months of racial tension across the country.’
      • ‘The one thing both sides agree not to do is to play on racial fears during an election.’
      • ‘The old racial barriers have gone, but there's still a large gap between rich and poor.’