Meaning of racing certainty in English:

racing certainty


  • Something that is regarded as certain to happen.

    ‘it seems a racing certainty that the next hearing will attract even greater media interest’
    • ‘Expanding the number of teams is a racing certainty.’
    • ‘The slump is not a prediction: it is, unfortunately, a racing certainty.’
    • ‘This does not make a poor outcome for the whole of the financial year to end March 2005 a racing certainty.’
    • ‘The risk of injury to still developing limbs at this level is a racing certainty.’
    • ‘There is no such thing as a racing certainty.’
    • ‘Nevertheless such success can by no means be treated as a racing certainty.’
    • ‘A settlement before long is widely viewed as a racing certainty.’
    • ‘Yet despite all of this counter-argument, it is a racing certainty we will get a 0.25 per cent increase in rates on Thursday.’
    • ‘One thing is a racing certainty: whatever this lot promise will not be delivered.’
    • ‘His careless words mean that a prolonged battle between government and unions over public sector pay has become a racing certainty.’
    • ‘For anyone who reads this column and likes a bet I will give them a racing certainty.’
    • ‘It's a racing certainty that they won't.’
    • ‘The shares aren't a racing certainty, but they still look good value.’
    • ‘The North-East remains a racing certainty to get a referendum on whether to create a directly-elected assembly to oversee its economy and housing needs.’
    • ‘When we won the Ryder Cup in 1985, it was an absolute racing certainty.’
    • ‘The slowdown meant that the Bank was thought likely to cut rates anyway, and the financial ramifications of the last two weeks now makes that a racing certainty.’
    • ‘Yet it is a racing certainty that if you bothered to examine what the main parties are offering two things would become clear.’
    • ‘Gary Hobson looked a racing certainty to get to the ball first but was simply outpaced by Christian Roberts who ran free to slot the ball past Fettis.’
    • ‘Economists say it is a "racing certainty" that another hike will come within the next two months.’
    • ‘When you add it to the rest of the evidence that we obtained I think it makes it a racing certainty.’
    inevitability, necessity, foregone conclusion, predictable result, matter of course, racing certainty