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racing driver

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  • A person who drives racing cars as a profession.

    ‘Because of the huge cost, it's extremely difficult to make a career out of being a motor racing driver.’
    • ‘In my mind, he is the best motor racing driver ever.’
    • ‘The team's headquarters combine large workshops with an extensive and well-equipped fitness center where not only racing drivers but professional jockeys, polo players and tennis players train.’
    • ‘Just two weeks away from the General Election, the British public is far more likely to be able to name seven Formula One racing drivers than seven members of the Cabinet or Shadow Cabinets!’
    • ‘A seventeen-year-old schoolboy who hopes to become a professional racing driver won his first race in the Australian Production Car Championship’
    • ‘The series is widely regarded as the proving ground for aspiring racing drivers, providing the ideal apprenticeship for those in the early stages of their careers.’
    • ‘The idea of taking ‘wanna-be’, inexperienced guys and teaching them to be racing drivers is becoming more and more fashionable.’
    • ‘The way to get pole position for the grand prix would be to overtake more drivers and/or set faster laps than anyone else, which is what good racing drivers should do.’
    • ‘The spiritual home of the French Grand Prix, Reims was a playground for the some of the most successful and flamboyant racing drivers to ever live.’
    • ‘Of course, as racing drivers, we would like to be able to use new tyres all the time.’
    • ‘I don't have many racing drivers as heroes because they can do things that I can do, in a sort of way, so I don't really look up to them.’
    • ‘She was already a racing driver prior to her broadcasting career, which also includes TV presenting in England and Europe, but her driving career has stepped up in the past two years.’
    • ‘A successful racing driver should be aggressive, but that aggression must be controlled by good judgement.’
    • ‘Do you want to feel what it's like to be one of your racing driver heroes, experiencing an intense endurance test like no other driving challenge?’
    • ‘All these things were important in my career and my life as a racing driver.’
    • ‘As well as boxing, this avid sportsman is a former golf, squash and tennis enthusiast, has driven as a racing driver and is a keen horse-rider.’
    • ‘This is the place to spot the label-clad lovelies sipping their brandy sours, often accompanied by half of the racing drivers on the Formula One circuit.’
    • ‘Skiers and motor racing drivers derive much of the thrill of competition from knowing that their lives depend on their sporting skill.’