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Pronunciation /ˈreɪsɪst/

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  • Characterized by or showing prejudice, discrimination, or antagonism against a person or people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

    ‘we are investigating complaints about racist abuse’
    • ‘the systems work to uphold and enforce racist policies’
    • ‘I think we still have certain people who are racist in attitudes.’
    • ‘Any old comment I make is immediately construed to be racist by some people.’
    • ‘I have come to the conclusion that I am probably less racist than most people.’
    • ‘People might actually have to admit that they themselves are racist!’
    • ‘The politicians are prepared to accept, on occasion, that some people are racist.’
    • ‘In only a few cases, he said, did it appear an employer was actively racist in his hiring practices.’
    • ‘There is something racist in expelling those people from the country once they become unemployed.’
    • ‘She has fallen foul of strict government rules which she condemned today as outdated and racist.’
    • ‘Do you think our society is making progress toward becoming less racist?’
    • ‘He has a history of making racist, sexist and profane statements.’
    • ‘He subjected door staff to a tirade of vile, racist abuse while they had just been going about their work.’
    • ‘Passengers inside the vehicle became angry and made racist remarks.’
    • ‘The actor was fired from the show for racist tweets.’
    • ‘People around me were casually racist.’
    • ‘The fact you can't even see how casually racist this post is, is a concern.’
    • ‘If people are racist towards me, I just walk away.’
    • ‘Many have labelled the comments racist and anti-immigrant.’
    • ‘If they say something racist, say "Please don't say that around me," or "I'm not comfortable with that."’
    • ‘After two years of enduring racist abuse, I became extremely self-conscious.’
    • ‘She denied yelling racist insults at the group.’


  • A person who is prejudiced against or antagonistic towards people on the basis of their membership of a particular racial or ethnic group, typically one that is a minority or marginalized.

    ‘he has been targeted by vicious racists online’
    • ‘They're racists because they are driven by hate, and whatever they do, that viciousness just bubbles over.’
    • ‘I think how proud I am of her for going from fearing racists to wanting to fight them.’
    • ‘Breton, Surrealism's leader and a past master of character assassination, claimed in the final issue of Minotaure that Dali was a self-confessed racist, and Dali chose not to respond.’
    • ‘Racism is an indelible part of Travis's makeup, but it is important to acknowledge that this is a film about a racist rather than a racist film.’
    • ‘He railed against being called a racist, a charge leveled at him off and on throughout his career.’
    • ‘The chef is a foul-mouthed racist.’
    • ‘I'm not saying that he is a racist, as I know he was only joking, but it's fascinating to me how many people around us, who say they aren't racist, are against interracial relationships.’
    • ‘"You may not be a racist but the people who vote for you are," I said to him.’
    • ‘Moreover, racists do not need any assistance or prompting in pursuing their malevolent agenda.’
    • ‘With criminals, terrorists, racists etc etc using the Internet to bypass the police, the police will be increasingly frustrated in its attempts to bring them to justice.’
    • ‘He found most to be uneducated racists with little to offer a discerning and spiritually hungry young man.’
    • ‘The basic charge is that these men, critics of capitalism, were racists, anti-Semites, and elitists.’
    • ‘Of these people, misguided as they may be, few are actual racists.’
    • ‘It is time for strong action to be taken to show the racists that their chanting and form of supporting is not welcome.’
    bigot, racialist, xenophobe, chauvinist, fascist, Nazi
    discriminatory, racialist, prejudiced, bigoted, intolerant, fascist, Nazi
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Early 20th century from race + -ist.