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Pronunciation /ˈreɪdɪənt/

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  • 1Sending out light; shining or glowing brightly.

    ‘a bird with radiant green and red plumage’
    • ‘The bright light was radiant with the morning rays of red, orange, pink, and gold, reflecting brilliantly on the glasslike water.’
    • ‘Karya finally awoke to a weak light, nothing like the radiant shine in her now lost home.’
    • ‘The contrast is brought across through imaginative use of light and radiant colours.’
    • ‘The sun came out from behind a cloud and the entire world shone with warm and radiant delight.’
    • ‘True to her word though she died on the Sunday morning, bathed in the radiant light of a spring sunrise.’
    • ‘Her image glittered in his mind, a radiant light that would guide him back out of the terror of his dreams and into the sane, rational world of the living.’
    • ‘It enabled him to see beyond the crude populist image to the harsh realities that give stability and strength to Matisse's radiant vision of light and color.’
    • ‘His images are radiant with color, light and life, and his classic style of paintings evoke the very essence of some of the most delightful places on earth.’
    • ‘Five hours and countless miles later, the darkness of the night was beginning to fade, as was the previously radiant shine from the stars.’
    • ‘The sky was clear, and the sun was bright and radiant.’
    • ‘We compare the radiant blues and greens of our fragile planet to the blackness of the cosmos, and recognize the infinite preciousness of our lonely home.’
    • ‘The color is a radiant, bright light-scarlet and the aromas are filled with bittersweet cherries and strawberries.’
    • ‘In Lunarium, a chorus of flowers with milky white veins and carmine edges opens to receive the light of the radiant full moon high above.’
    • ‘He evolved a highly poetic style of landscape using soft harmonious tones with radiant light effects created from carefully graded transparent washes.’
    • ‘The sun crept over the horizon, spreading radiant golden light across the rolling moorland that surrounded Whitby.’
    • ‘Kiato shook his head slightly, shaking off the daze and the uncomfortable feeling around his neck, then slowly got back to his feet, his eyes flashing a radiant forest green.’
    • ‘When the sun is bright and the expansive lake shimmers radiant turquoise, walking through her yard is like being transported to another world.’
    • ‘The dazzling downtown locations are massive, dominated by skyscrapers whose light bathes the streets in a radiant glow.’
    • ‘I wanted you to see the beauty of the radiant moon falling across the water.’
    • ‘The beautiful embroidery work and the radiant colour combinations are sure to make one stop and have a second look.’
    shining, bright, illuminated, lit, lighted, brilliant, gleaming, glowing, ablaze, luminous, luminescent, lustrous, incandescent, glittering, sparkling, coruscating, dazzling, flashing, shimmering
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    1. 1.1(of a person or their expression) clearly emanating great joy, love, or health.
      ‘she gave him a radiant smile’
      • ‘She was radiant and she smiled the most when she was with him.’
      • ‘The sight of my mother, my beautiful, radiant mother, was more than I could handle while pregnant and without my eldest daughter.’
      • ‘I'm fond of Mrs. Johnson, who has a gentle southern accent and a radiant expression.’
      • ‘The radiant bride was given away by her brother and attended by a ‘best woman’ rather than bridesmaids.’
      • ‘‘It's the most perfect baby in the entire world,’ says the radiant new mother.’
      • ‘In the picture they eventually agreed on, he has just scored his first goal for Madrid at the Bernabeu and his expression is absolutely radiant.’
      • ‘He is radiant, dazzling and as happy to see us as we are to see him.’
      • ‘I would twirl in the vast ballrooms in my ragged skirt, pretending I was the most radiant lady at the ball.’
      • ‘And Rudolph found himself face to face with the most radiant girl he had ever seen.’
      • ‘She was radiant, her skin gleaming and her face bright and loving in a way that he'd never seen it in daily life - especially never turned in his direction.’
      • ‘To this reporter, it is a matter of apples and oranges - both women have sensational figures; both women are radiant onstage.’
      • ‘Sean was radiant at the prospect of a new friend his age, and hugged Kat, too.’
      • ‘She was radiant with joy and her new husband seems like a great match for her.’
      • ‘Joy made a radiant bride and the groom is a great guy, a lot like myself in character and in some ways also like Ann's father.’
      • ‘He stops his work and the face he turns towards you is radiant.’
      • ‘He smiled a radiant, loving smile of relief when her eyes met his and she could see unshed tears in his eyes.’
      • ‘Who does not want a bright, white and radiant smile that could enliven one's face?’
      • ‘Her smile was radiant and her eyes shone brightly.’
      • ‘Waugh's radiant face reflected the state of his inner soul.’
      • ‘She looked absolutely radiant with joy in her period dress, spinning and twirling on the floor.’
      joyful, elated, thrilled, overjoyed, jubilant, in raptures, enraptured, rapturous, ecstatic, beside oneself with joy, euphoric, deliriously happy, blissfully happy, in seventh heaven, on cloud nine, on cloud seven, delighted, joyous, pleased, happy, beaming, glowing, transported, in transports of delight, in transports of joy, in transports of pleasure
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    2. 1.2(of an emotion or quality) emanating powerfully from someone or something; very conspicuous.
      ‘he praised her radiant self-confidence’
      • ‘Its root cause - a sense of identity narrowly defined by the physical body and self-limiting thoughts and emotions - is transformed into radiant equanimity.’
      • ‘Emanating radiant compassion toward all of her devotees, Ammachi is understood to be a manifestation of the Great Goddess on earth - a living Avatar.’
      • ‘Rebecca still had that radiant confidence that we'd uncovered within her a couple of weeks ago and I couldn't help but feel proud knowing that we'd helped her to achieve it.’
      • ‘The Reverend's writings on the Brahma viharas are greatly inspired by the radiant Compassion of Kuan Yin.’
      • ‘She walks tall and has a radiant confidence and regal air that seems to exude from her.’
      • ‘The charm of his take on the situation is that the golden boy and girl expand their bubble of radiant happiness to let the waif in.’
      • ‘Kuijken brings an excellent team of soloists together to produce a reading of radiant spiritual beauty and emotional depth.’
      • ‘We are all greeting and hugging each other in a moment of pure, radiant joy.’
      • ‘This is a worldview in which all doubts and dilemmas are solved through either divine intervention and/or the acceptance of God's radiant love.’
      • ‘We served together on several oral exam committees, where he exhibited, in his soft Scots burr, gentleness with students as well as a radiant love for theology.’
      • ‘You know that moment when really liking someone turns into a radiant love - overwhelming, a little frightening and almost exasperatingly fresh?’
      • ‘The lady and her radiant love welcomes him into her open arms.’
      • ‘They seemed to bloom with such a passion and live with radiant beauty, until they died within a night a few days after they first flowered.’
      • ‘The radiant beauty of the score, and the warm tenderness at the heart of it, are very moving.’
      • ‘Not only did they get slimmer, fitter and become more attractive human beings, but also they cheered up and blossomed into radiant self-confidence.’
      • ‘She stared at the jewelry in awe, it's radiant beauty astounding her.’
      • ‘How her face lights up with radiant joy when she gets her favorite treat!’
      • ‘Son Of A Preacher Man was the album's most successful offspring but every track sparkles with a radiant beauty.’
      • ‘He is known for swinging unabashed through his corporate environment, baffling corridor lurkers with bright smiles and a radiant happiness with life.’
      • ‘One can disdain the cult of personality, but one cannot dismiss the look of radiant delight on her friends' faces as they cluster around her.’
      splendid, magnificent, brilliant, dazzling, scintillating, coruscating, vivid, intense, beautiful, gorgeous, transcendent, resplendent, impressive, spectacular, striking, stunning, glorious, superb, majestic, great, breathtaking, ravishing, sumptuous, fine
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  • 2attributive (of electromagnetic energy, especially heat) transmitted by radiation, rather than conduction or convection.

    ‘plants convert the radiant energy of the sun into chemical energy’
    • ‘Thermal energy from infrared, radiant heat sources has been used to treat chronic human wounds with decreasing frequency during the past 25 years.’
    • ‘In the tandoor, the breads (necessarily flat in shape) are slapped onto the vertical wall, where they bake quite quickly by a combination of radiant heat and convection.’
    • ‘There are many forms of energy, each of which can be classified into three categories: radiant energy, kinetic energy, and potential energy.’
    • ‘The distance to the target, however, must be small for us to feel the heat because lightning's radiant energy pales compared with the Sun.’
    • ‘In convective and radiant heat transfer, the amount of heat transferred is usually a complex function of the temperatures of the two regions involved.’
    • ‘More importantly, these animals may also take advantage of heat saving postures that could potentially lower radiant heat losses to cold night skies.’
    • ‘Electric radiant heat was commonly installed in homes built from the mid-1950s through the early '70s.’
    • ‘When a lot of the sun's radiant energy makes it to Earth, it transmits energy to the atoms and molecules in the air and ground.’
    • ‘Patchy clouds in the middle atmosphere appear black because they block the radiant heat.’
    • ‘A pizza stone is another way to create the radiant heat necessary for making a good crust, but you'll need to be a bit more resourceful to provide the necessary moisture.’
    • ‘Passive radiant heat will keep the room comfortably warm.’
    • ‘Low-e glazings use a thin, metallic oxide coating deposited on the glass to reduce radiant heat loss through the window.’
    • ‘The annual deficit of radiant energy has to be balanced by additions of heat from lower latitudes; otherwise the ice sheets would become progressively colder.’
    • ‘In the Sun, the process of thermonuclear fusion converts atoms of hydrogen into helium atoms, producing radiant energy.’
    • ‘During the day, the sun's radiant heat warms the earth.’
    • ‘Additionally, a number of other fully-feathered extant birds can readily absorb and use incident radiant solar energy.’
    • ‘The approach relies on the assumption that the largely unknown mechanisms presently linking radiant energy input and species richness will not change in concert with climate.’
    • ‘This cool air could be eliminated with low-e glazing, which has good insulating qualities and, thus, higher radiant temperatures on the glass surface.’
    • ‘The physical parameters, relative humidity, and mean radiant temperature were also calculated.’
    • ‘Ander sat in the galley, enjoying the crackling, radiant warmth of the stoves, sipping the hot, sweet-spicy beverage that was the favourite of sailors.’
    1. 2.1(of an appliance) designed to emit radiant energy, especially for cooking or heating.
      ‘a radiant heater’
      • ‘This is the Hydronic radiant heating system that saves huge energy as well as money on heating larger areas of your home/office environment.’
      • ‘A typical radiant heating and cooling system starts with a high-performance glazing system, integrated with light shelves and exterior shades as needed.’
      • ‘Consequently, incubator care is associated with less insensible water loss, and lower fluid requirements, than nursing infants in open cots under radiant heaters.’
      • ‘Preterm infants should be delivered into warm towels, dried, and transferred to a dedicated neonatal resuscitation platform or trolley with an integral radiant heater.’
      • ‘A portable radiant heater had become dislodged and ignited the blaze.’
      • ‘Each of the radiant heater beds is equipped with a portable oxygen tank.’
      • ‘We installed a radiant heater, and it usually runs only at night when it's really cold outside.’
      • ‘To maintain body temperature, the infant is placed in an incubator or on a radiant heater bed.’
      • ‘Besides discouraging plant growth, the opaque toldo absorbs sunlight, becoming a huge radiant heater.’
      • ‘In a radiant floor heating system warm water circulates through tubing beneath the floor.’
      • ‘Most of the radiant style heaters do not need to be vented to the outside, which greatly simplifies installation.’
      • ‘According to O'Donnell, the even feeling provided by radiant floor heating is the most common reason people choose the system.’
      • ‘Additional heating is provided by a hydronic radiant system embedded in the top level's poured-earth floor.’
      • ‘These blankets then are covered with sheets that are warmed by radiant heat lamps until the neonate is brought into the room to prevent heat loss through conduction.’
      • ‘During induction and the preparatory phase, radiant heat lamps are used to maintain the neonate's temperature and prevent chilling.’
      • ‘The radiant heat system circulates hot water through tubing embedded in the concrete floors to provide an extremely even heat.’
      • ‘At the top is a 50m high radiant heat exchanger to cope with cooling loads.’
      • ‘Clinical studies have reported positive outcomes following treatment of chronic venous insufficiency ulcers with the noncontact radiant heat system.’
      • ‘The exchange transfusion should be done under a radiant warmer using sterile technique.’
      • ‘Unstable infants may be observed under the radiant warmer for several hours, with attention to increased fluid losses.’


  • 1A point or object from which light or heat radiates, especially a heating element in an electric or gas heater.

    • ‘I sat down by my hissing gas fire—one of the radiants was missing’
    1. 1.1Astronomy A radiant point.
      ‘don't assume that you should stare toward the radiant to see the most meteors’
      • ‘The Perseid radiant will just be rising above the north-northeastern horizon around 9 PM.’


Late Middle English from Latin radiant- ‘emitting rays’, from the verb radiare (see radiate).