Meaning of radiant point in English:

radiant point


  • 1A centre point from which rays or radii proceed.

    • ‘The caustic of a cardioid, where the radiant point is taken to be the cusp, is a nephroid.’
    1. 1.1Astronomy The apparent focal point of a meteor shower.
      ‘The sickle is the western portion of Leo and that is the radiant point for the meteor showers.’
      • ‘Trace some backwards: they all lead to a radiant point in the constellation Gemini.’
      • ‘Much of the first part takes place at night, in a black and white symphony of moving radiant points and rich shades of darkness.’
      • ‘Generating a sky map on 8-12-2004, we find that the radiant point will be high in the northeastern sky, not far below the zenith.’