Meaning of radically in English:


Pronunciation /ˈradɪkli/

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  • In a thorough or fundamental way; completely.

    ‘you must radically change the way you do business’
    • ‘the two situations are radically different’
    • ‘In 1994, this position was radically altered, with the ushering in of a new democratic order.’
    • ‘The enormous power given by electricity has radically transformed all our lives.’
    • ‘The growth of the world wide web has radically changed the way information is received.’
    • ‘I changed my diet radically.’
    • ‘Marc's approach was radically different to that of any of his contemporaries.’
    • ‘His radically innovative use of the material defines spaces in unique new ways.’
    • ‘The book is the first step to radically improving the quality of your life at work.’
    • ‘Satisfied customers are unlikely to radically increase your sales.’
    • ‘There are no radically new treatments on the horizon.’
    • ‘It focuses on limiting future tax increases, not cutting taxes radically.’