Meaning of radio button in English:

radio button


  • (in a graphical display) an icon representing one of a set of options, only one of which can be selected at any time.

    • ‘Click on the Editing radio button and select Instrument 1 in the global section.’
    • ‘Most features can be turned on or off by selecting the appropriate radio button.’
    • ‘Every since the checkbox and radio button were invented, websites have polled visitors about their experiences and desires.’
    • ‘Changes include a new image database that is available from the main page as well as from a radio button after the search box.’
    • ‘There are no general rules, like ‘if the users check the second radio button of a group, show the next TR.’’
    • ‘There also used to be a separate radio button labelled ‘tomorrow’, to avoid ever having to type in the following day's date.’
    • ‘Choose the radio button by the appropriate answer to indicate how accurate each statement is for your project.’
    • ‘You can't finish the survey without clicking a radio button for each selection.’
    • ‘All you have to do is check the radio button on the webpage and submit it.’
    • ‘You'll require Windows Media Player, I'm told, and you just go to this web page, click on the radio button.’
    • ‘The bottom radio button, ‘Search 221 Journalism Sites,’ will query our Nelson search engine.’
    • ‘On completing the questionnaire, participants had to indicate with a radio button allowing only one of two responses how they had felt about having to answer the questionnaire.’
    • ‘When the Editing Profile dialog appears, click on the Effects tab and click the Transparent background radio button.’
    • ‘Usually, clicking on the label positions the cursor in the form field, or toggles the value of radio buttons or check boxes.’
    • ‘If you select a different region with the radio buttons, that action re-initializes the lists boxes, clears the text box and disables the Select and Clear buttons.’
    • ‘Provide instructions for the necessary computer actions, i.e., erasing radio buttons, drop-down menus, and clearing open-ended questions.’
    • ‘You can even provide your visitors with radio buttons that let them perform either search.’
    • ‘In designing the web pages, I decided to keep it fairly simple: a pull-down box with some radio buttons.’
    • ‘At the bottom of the screen are four radio buttons.’
    • ‘Whenever one of those radio buttons is clicked, all of the fields are reverted to their last saved values.’


radio button