Meaning of radiogenic in English:


Pronunciation /ˌreɪdɪəʊˈdʒɛnɪk/


  • 1Produced by radioactivity.

    ‘a radiogenic isotope’
    • ‘Although oxygen data might conceivably be affected in this way, radiogenic isotopes should not and for these there is no strong correlation with any major element parameter.’
    • ‘Over time these original ratios will become modified as more and more of the parent isotope turns into the radiogenic daughter isotope.’
    • ‘It is nevertheless significant that at most only 15-20% of Uranus' internal energy is estimated to be from radiogenic heating.’
    • ‘In addition to microbiological testing, dust samples are screened for the presence of heavy metals, pesticides, and radiogenic elements.’
    • ‘Once the melt has crystallized, radiogenic argon accumulation recommences.’
    • ‘Because of their large rural populations these areas generally lack health care services needed to screen and treat radiogenic diseases.’
    • ‘Pb isotope studies showed that the minor sub-Waulsortian mineralization is significantly less radiogenic than that of the main mineralization, implying two different sources for lead.’
    • ‘He explained that the two known sources of heat: radiogenic heating and tidal heating, are not enough, either alone or in combination to account for the behaviour.’
    • ‘It is therefore likely that the radiogenic lead content in these rocks is also the result of a contribution from a subducted sedimentary component.’
    • ‘However, some of the age variation may record a real uneven distribution of radiogenic argon.’
  • 2Well suited in style or subject for broadcasting by radio.

    • ‘a radiogenic series’