Meaning of radiolucent in English:



  • Transparent to X-rays.

    • ‘Radiological study revealed that the right maxillary sinus was totally obliterated by a multilocular mass containing numerous radiopacities within the radiolucent areas.’
    • ‘If stones are present, they appear as radiolucent or radiopaque calculi within the gallbladder.’
    • ‘Radiographic examination revealed an ill-defined radiolucent lesion at the joint area of the previous bone graft and the right mandibular angle.’
    • ‘The radiolucent lesion was eccentrically located, multiloculated, and rimmed by a thin sclerotic zone.’
    • ‘The clinical efficacy of bile acid therapy was determined in patients with symptomatic radiolucent gallstones smaller than 15 mm within a functioning gallbladder.’
    • ‘In others, multiple radiopacities are seen within the radiolucent areas.’
    • ‘Some experts recommend contrast radiographs if a radiolucent foreign body is not seen in the child's stool two weeks after its ingestion.’
    • ‘In patients who have swallowed a sharp, radiolucent object, such as a fish bone, direct laryngoscopy should be performed.’
    • ‘Radiographic findings of progressive radiolucent lines surrounding the prosthetic stem or areas of osteolysis also suggest prosthetic loosening or infection.’
    • ‘In addition, small chondral fragments are radiolucent and not evident on standard radiographs.’
    • ‘Orthotopic ABC has a characteristic radiographic appearance due to reactive peripheral bone changes that induce a radiolucent shell.’
    • ‘They are also radiolucent and resistant to chemicals.’
    • ‘Although often in close relationship to bone, there is a radiolucent zone towards the bone, and no clear connection between the lesion and the bone.’
    • ‘For example, central hemangiomas grow rapidly and commonly present as a radiolucent mandibular mass in children and young adults.’
    • ‘The only radiolucent alveolar filling material was fat or alveolar proteinosis.’
    • ‘Radiographic features include radiolucent defects in the femoral head and fragmentation of the femoral head.’
    • ‘The outlines of soft tissue is made possible by radiolucent fat which surrounds intra-abdominal organs.’
    • ‘CT is far more sensitive than CXR in detecting radiolucent or small foreign bodies.’
    • ‘In the mid 1/3 bile duct multiple radiolucent stones were found.’
    • ‘The denture had no metal claps and could not be radiographically detected as acrylic is radiolucent and cannot be detected on x-ray film.’