Meaning of radiometric in English:


Pronunciation /ˌreɪdɪə(ʊ)ˈmɛtrɪk/


  • Relating to the measurement of radioactivity.

    ‘radiometric data’
    • ‘Dumyahn and First measured the three-dimensional emission profile of various types of single lamps by taking radiometric measurements at various points in space.’
    • ‘All of these factors are likely to be important in the case of the Besdegirmen rocks, and hence igneous crystallization ages may be greater than measured radiometric ages.’
    • ‘Thermal images were taken with a radiometric infrared video camera.’
    • ‘Both events clearly post-date the lower Rotliegend volcanism in the Southern Permian Basin where the volcanics give radiometric ages in the range 288300 Ma.’
    • ‘It comprises several mafic, mafic-felsic and felsic intrusions with distinctive geochemical affinities and apparent radiometric ages.’
    • ‘The temperature-time plot shows how this model also fails to satisfy the radiometric data.’
    • ‘The sediments of the Grensen Formation are barren of all organic material and hence must be dated using radiometric and petrographic evidence alone.’
    • ‘Numerous radiometric age determinations are now available to help unravel the evolution of the East Greenland Caledonide orogen.’
    • ‘No radiometric data have been obtained from Stage III rocks.’
    • ‘Both radiometric and biostratigraphic data indicate the onset of magmatism in late Mid-Jurassic time.’
    • ‘We have an extensive radiometric dataset from the garnet gneiss, summarized in Table 4.’
    • ‘The age of the intrusion is also well constrained by several radiometric analyses.’
    • ‘This cannot be a simple application of the photometric and radiometric test methods used for other conventional light sources, for several reasons.’
    • ‘Microwave sensor data, thermal and radiometric information etc. can be got even under adverse weather conditions or cloud cover.’
    • ‘No radiometric technique that is capable of measuring on that large a time scale can narrow down ages within 10,000 years.’
    • ‘We note the peak axial radiometric temperature difference between irradiated and nonirradiated surfaces of these specimens was approximately 10 degC.’
    • ‘Our interest was mainly in the spectral signature of the system, not the absolute radiometric values of the irradiance; thus, distances and angular content did not concern us.’
    • ‘A single UVB - 1 sensor in the field can experience a change in overall radiometric sensitivity or gain during the year between successive calibrations.’
    • ‘Fossils are almost never dated by radiometric methods, since they rarely contain suitable radioactive elements.’
    • ‘The Institute Nacional de Meteorologia provided the radiometric, columnar ozone and meteorological information for the three stations used in this study.’