Meaning of radiometric dating in English:

radiometric dating


mass noun
  • A method of dating geological specimens by determining the relative proportions of particular radioactive isotopes present in a sample.

    ‘In an attempt to resolve this conundrum, we have carried out multidisciplinary research involving field studies, radiometric dating, geochemistry, palaeontology and palaeomagnetism.’
    • ‘In recent years radiometric dating of volcanic lavas, particularly in North Germany, has been used to redefine the PermianCarboniferous boundary.’
    • ‘Samples for radiometric dating were collected after the main magnetostratigraphic units were defined in the field.’
    • ‘Their mission was based on collecting granitic rocks for radiometric dating to determine the precise ages of the major geological events that have shaped the continent of Antarctica.’
    • ‘The assigned date of 160,000 years is regarded as ‘very secure’ using a form of radiometric dating involving argon isotopes called the Ar / Ar method.’
    • ‘Patterson used radiometric dating, specifically U-Pb dating, to determine the age of the Canyon Diablo meteorite in the early 1950s and that date was 4.55 billion years old.’
    • ‘Another method of radiometric dating uses the decay of rubidium - 87 to strontium - 87.’
    • ‘The results reported here are being tested by carrying out further radiometric dating of titanites from calc-silicate assemblages in both the Moine Nappe and the Sgurr Beag Nappe.’
    • ‘The age of the Ordovician boundaries were determined using potassium-argon and uranium radiometric dating.’
    • ‘Three charcoal and two shell samples were used for radiometric dating; the results suggest that the Onyoma site was occupied from 1275 to 1690 C.E.’
    • ‘The San Juan Member is late Oligocene based upon biostratigraphy and radiometric dating.’
    • ‘Recruited to join a research project on the Earth's magnetic field, Dalrymple came to the USGS in 1963 to establish a laboratory for precise radiometric dating of rocks.’
    • ‘For radiometric dating we selected from each zircon concentrate about 10-20 clean crystals with neither fractures nor inclusions.’
    • ‘Here, rifting took place in the Early Griesbachian and the Late Griesbachian, respectively, based on ammonoid data and radiometric dating.’
    • ‘A drawback is that the U content of the titanites is very low, making radiometric dating difficult.’
    • ‘An attempt to resolve the chronological debate regarding Baehr-Gust has been made through stratigraphic analysis and radiometric dating.’
    • ‘Of these artifacts, the material best suited for radiometric dating was a set of bone awls.’
    • ‘In the Creation Museum, we will demonstrate that the science of radiometric dating - when properly interpreted - does not show that the earth is billions of years old.’
    • ‘As an old earth creationist, he accepts the validity of radiometric dating and the ancient age of life on earth.’
    • ‘Early in the 1800s, experts had agreed upon a vast age for the Earth and for life forms found in fossils, later reinforced by techniques like radiometric dating.’