Meaning of radiopacity in English:


Pronunciation /ˌreɪdɪəʊˈpasɪti/


See radiopaque

‘‘Our LCX wires eliminate these problems because they consist of a nitinol or stainless-steel coil that is plated with, rather than welded to, gold or platinum for radiopacity,’ he says.’
  • ‘Patients with radiopacity of three physes were defined as having bridging or closed physes.’
  • ‘With this method, radiopacity of the physis of the tibial tubercle is used as an indicator of skeletal maturity of the knee since it is the last physis of the knee to bridge.’
  • ‘It currently lays down FDA-approved materials for radiopacity on stents or other surface coatings to improve stent characteristics.’
  • ‘Others are blending barium sulfate or tungsten compounds into their material mix to add radiopacity to the extruded products, Shah says.’