Meaning of rag on in English:

rag on

phrasal verb

informal North American
  • rag on someone or somethingComplain about or criticize someone or something continually.

    • ‘most reports rag on the crudeness of today's gear’
    • ‘Any guy who rags on the color of your shoelaces is scary.’
    • ‘For example, my wife rags on me semi-constantly for not looking people directly in the eye when I'm introduced.’
    • ‘This guy is the meekest of mice, since he rags on a person he supposedly cares about.’
    • ‘You lie there defeated, ragging on yourself for the failure, mad at the judges because this can't be fair.’
    • ‘Let her know you want her to quit ragging on you, pronto.’
    • ‘He remembered his own father ragging on him about his hair and clothes.’
    • ‘I got a reasonably nice and thoughtful email from the guy I ragged on in my last post, although now I'm afraid to go to the site and read his ‘public’ reply.’
    • ‘I hated to be late because Kristi used to rag on me when I kept her waiting.’
    • ‘‘Everyone rags on Baltimore, but I think it's a great city,’ says the sophomore from Rhode Island.’
    • ‘I mean ever since I got here, you've just been ragging on me left and right.’