Meaning of rag paper in English:

rag paper


mass noun
  • Paper made from cotton, originally from cotton rags, but now from cotton linters.

    ‘The line was printed using a high-resolution giclee process and is published on archival cotton rag paper.’
    • ‘The effect takes place in cotton-rag paper, too, although more slowly than in newsprint because rag paper has longer cellulose chains.’
    • ‘The digital prints are printed with Epson Ultrachrome ink on 100 percent rag paper, and are available in editions of 25.’
    • ‘I always recommend using 100-percent rag paper for mats and ultraviolet-filtering glazing.’
    • ‘I came to believe that there were few things in the world more beautiful than the deep burning black of Baskerville type on crisp rag paper.’
    • ‘Off to one side were a few sheets of rag paper covered with charcoal sketches, similar to the images stuck up on the walls.’
    • ‘The nice thing about the paper in those days, it was all rag paper, so it's all acid free, and will last forever.’
    • ‘He made her presents, handmade notebooks for her poetry, sheets of rag paper sewn with ribbons between covers of sturdy cardboard covered in wallpaper scraps.’
    • ‘My questioner produced a sheaf of high-quality looking rag paper and held it up in front of me.’
    • ‘Paper could be off-white to suggest age, or textured to resemble the rag paper of an earlier period.’