Meaning of rag rug in English:

rag rug



  • A rug made from small strips of fabric hooked into or pushed through a base material such as hessian.

    ‘In a dull or drab bathroom, a rag rug or oriental carpet will add charm and beauty.’
    • ‘Perhaps, Rebekah mused, she could ask for the scraps at the end of fabric bolts and make a rag rug for the cold wooden floor.’
    • ‘Women often got together to create a rag rug, known as a proddie or peggie rug in Yorkshire, and they would include local scenes in the pattern.’
    • ‘Here, we fleshed out the details: adding a pastel rag rug for color underfoot, pumping up the bed linens with a duvet cover that plays off the wall treatment.’
    • ‘As we enjoy swimming and snorkelling in the sea, I like to take with me a decent shampoo and conditioner; otherwise my hair takes on a thick and matted appearance similar to a well-worn rag rug.’
    • ‘Well, it was a rag rug, but it had been made with consistent colors so it looked pretty; Caroline had slaved for days to create it.’
    • ‘Katie Porter, age 6, sits on a rag rug at Anne's feet in a party dress and red stockings.’
    • ‘The floor was wooden with a simple rag rug, there was a small window, but the walls were bare.’
    • ‘Out in the hall, a rag rug lay on the floor, a small hall table with a hat stand beside it.’
    • ‘A colorful, yet old and faded, rag rug sat on the middle of the wooden floors.’
    • ‘She went through all the closets, pulling out old clothes, cutting off buttons to sell to sewing and craft shops and used the fabric to make rag rugs.’
    • ‘Needlepoint upholstery and rag rugs are hardly the expected stuff in SoHo galleries, especially when they serve neither ironic nor socially critical purposes.’
    • ‘Dark wood flooring had been covered with hand-woven rag rugs of blue and pink gingham.’
    • ‘Her quarters were cramp with so many people in them, still, it was a very comfortable home filled with worn tapestries and rag rugs.’
    • ‘The scene is usually uninhabited but spinning wheels, Windsor chairs, rag rugs, and other icons of the colonial revival suggest a human presence.’
    • ‘Winter nights, she tried to teach herself knitting, then began weaving rag rugs, which were homely but at least freed her from the reading of unfathomable directions.’
    • ‘Tobias Harrison's flower studies, Hugh Ribbans' prints, Nancy Cass's mixed media paintings and Sue Gilmartin's rag rugs all smack of a deep involvement in the life of the countryside.’
    • ‘Harome Cottage, moved to the museum in the early - 1970s, is festooned with rag rugs, made by thrifty women to insulate the cold stone floors and keep out the draught.’
    • ‘The floors were bare and wooden, covered only by old oval rag rugs.’
    • ‘Children are able to take on the roles of evacuees, undertaking a variety of war-time tasks such as darning socks or making rag rugs.’
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