Meaning of ragged robin in English:

ragged robin

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  • A pink-flowered European campion of damp grassland, with divided petals that give it a tattered appearance.

    Lychnis flos-cuculi, family Caryophyllaceae

    ‘Alongside miles of rivers and streams its dense growth is overshadowing native wild flowers such as ragged robin, purple loosestrife, marsh woundwart and meadow cranesbill.’
    • ‘Clark got his own genus too - Clarkia pulchella, the ragged robin, collected on June 1, 1806, by Lewis.’
    • ‘With the onset of summer there's the cow parsley, poppies, honeysuckle, wild roses, speedwell, ragged robin and foxgloves.’
    • ‘We'll be walking through meadows which contained many wild flowers including meadow sweet, ragged robin and some sort of orchid.’
    • ‘The site already has a good stock of colourful wild flower species such as ragged robin, great burnet and meadowsweet.’