Meaning of ragi in English:



mass nounmainly Indian
another term for "finger millet" (see millet)
‘The poor were bearing the brunt of this policy as production of coarse and cheaper grains like ragi and corn had shrunk, making them dependent on the more expensive rice.’
  • ‘Many doctors tell a diabetic not to eat rice and eat only wheat or ragi.’
  • ‘Freshly cut ragi were piled up artistically in the shape of Buddhist stupas on just a few fields which told their own story - of the misfortune of many who were not able to reap even a meagre harvest.’
  • ‘The entire area has been solar-fenced, each family issued with leased land in which they cultivate ragi, beans and vegetables.’
  • ‘Those ubiquitous south Indian dishes could be made more appetising and delicious if ragi and green gram were used as the main ingredients.’



/ˈraɡi/ /ˈrɑːɡi/


From Sanskrit and Hindi rāgī, from Telugu.