Meaning of railway in English:


Pronunciation /ˈreɪlweɪ/

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  • 1British A track made of steel rails along which trains run.

    North American term railroad

    ‘services were disrupted after an eight-year-old boy was spotted trespassing on the railway’
    • ‘a railway line’
    • ‘Trains running along the busy railway line were halted during the afternoon and evening.’
    • ‘Fields around Horwich are flooded in places, and all along the railway line to Bolton acres of land are seen under water.’
    • ‘Highworth Town Council is backing calls for a cycle route along the disused railway line.’
    • ‘He parked the car at the railway station and walked along the deserted line.’
    • ‘This simple and not too expensive system was installed over hundreds of miles of British main line railways and the lives saved must be considerable.’
    • ‘The route north all the way to Whitby carries no traffic at all as it is the Rail Trail which runs along the track bed of a former railway line.’
    • ‘Despite the massive destruction to the railway system the main lines were cleared two days after the blast.’
    • ‘In addition to using the civil main lines, railways were constructed for purely military purposes, with no commercial value.’
    • ‘The Government thought it was going to deliver the coal by rail, but the railways are so run down that it cannot get it through.’
    • ‘No remnants of these prairies survive, except for linear strips along railways.’
    • ‘They can be used as acoustic baffles along roads and railways.’
    • ‘The only thing that makes his work more complicated is the bad traffic and cars driving along the railways.’
    • ‘It is to be located along the railway in the city of Kaesong, just inside the North Korean border.’
    • ‘This week has been chaos on the railways as so many lines need to be checked and speed restrictions have been introduced.’
    • ‘Level crossings still pose the greatest risk to life on the railways, a rail safety chief said yesterday.’
    • ‘As for claims that nuts never come loose on the railway, rail workers rubbished that last week.’
    • ‘Plans have been submitted to lay a leisure trail along a former railway as part of a £1 million project.’
    • ‘A month back the route from Newport to Sandown was opened along a disused railway and as such it has no hills.’
    • ‘Commuters could benefit from plans to provide car parking at a branch line railway station.’
    • ‘The damage to bridges, roads, railways and telephone lines took months to repair.’
    1. 1.1A set of tracks for other vehicles.
  • 2British A network of tracks with the trains, organization, and personnel required for its working.

    ‘the carriage of freight on the railways’
    • ‘Representatives from the railway network attended a special award ceremony at the Romford Dog Stadium.’
    • ‘I guess we all knew that the railway network was out of control financially, and riddled with inefficiencies.’
    • ‘The new Eastern Region will operate and maintain the railway network across one-third of the country.’
    • ‘If the revenues have been going down, the cost of operating the world's largest network of railways has been steadily inching upwards.’
    • ‘It was enough to break airline reservation systems and German banking networks and halt Australian railways.’
    • ‘It showed the network of railways that used to operate in this country many years ago and it made me very sad.’
    • ‘It will link up with the Angolan railway network in the area of Cassinga and Chamutete.’
    • ‘He is a railway enthusiast who is heavily involved in planning for the future.’
    • ‘It occurred after the railway worker confronted two people daubing graffiti on a train.’
    • ‘All this and breakfast is done before the railway people arrive for an early ordering time.’
    • ‘It suffered again when public confidence in the railways dipped after ten people were killed in 2001.’
    • ‘Polls show that most people want the railways re-nationalised.’
    • ‘The Unions have a vested interest in organisations such as the railways and the National Health Service.’
    • ‘Already the railway people are predicting 30-minute delays for tomorrow morning.’
    • ‘Economic regulation of the railway, as presently organised, has largely failed.’
    • ‘The cause of the tragedy is being investigated by Italy's railway network RFI.’
    • ‘The railways also facilitated the transport of inferior wines.’
    • ‘It was easy to understand why firms preferred road transport: the railway was badly run.’
    • ‘However, steel had structural advantages and durability which iron lacked, and the railways adopted steel for their tracks.’
    • ‘Often a broken rail is found and the railway stops trains until it is mended.’