Meaning of raiment in English:


Pronunciation /ˈreɪm(ə)nt/

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mass nounarchaic, literary also raiments
  • Clothing.

    ‘ladies clothed in raiment bedecked with jewels’
    • ‘Poseidon clothes himself in raiment of gold, grasps his gold whip, and takes his stand upon his chariot.’
    • ‘A lone figure stood on the deck, dressed in raiment of yellow and lime, bearing short white hair that stood upright, and wielding a wood staff with a white rabbit carved atop it.’
    • ‘Their long slender bodies were clothed in raiment so silky, and their staffs issued high command.’
    • ‘It's an especially lovely option at this time of year, with the trees donning their autumnal raiment.’
    • ‘Acolytes in white and brown raiment came forth, standing just before her.’
    outfit, clothes, costume, ensemble, suit, clothing, dress, attire, garments, garb, turnout, rig, uniform, livery, array, regalia, robes, finery


Late Middle English shortening of obsolete arrayment ‘dress, outfit’.