Meaning of rainbow coalition in English:

rainbow coalition


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  • (especially in the US) a political alliance of several different groups, representing social, ethnic, and other minorities.

    ‘Fine Gael has already indicated that it would be willing to negotiate a pact with Sinn Fein and that could result in a rainbow coalition involving Fine Gael, Labour, Sinn Fein and two others.’
    • ‘The rainbow coalition of minorities had now turned against their erstwhile patron.’
    • ‘What we lack is leadership, not a rainbow coalition.’
    • ‘But because they have not yet fought together as a class they often see themselves as a rainbow coalition.’
    • ‘Party sources have also given little consideration to the option of a bit-part in a future rainbow coalition comprising Fine Gael, Labour and possibly the Greens.’
    • ‘The present Cabinet is really a rainbow coalition reflecting, or rather dictated by, the political reality at the time of selection.’
    • ‘He repeated a request to voters to continue preferences to Labour and the Green Party, likely members of an alternative rainbow coalition.’
    • ‘The 13-party National Front, the rainbow coalition led by Abdullah, clearly took note of this and has been playing up the development card.’
    • ‘Megawati took over the national leadership in July riding a wave of support from a rainbow coalition united against former president Abdurrahman Wahid.’
    • ‘The high school dropout who parlayed a second chance into the Speakership of the California Assembly sought to build a rainbow coalition of the left in a rapidly diversifying city.’
    • ‘That rainbow coalition has been fraying now for quite some time.’
    • ‘If we had more diversity within a coalition, maybe a rainbow coalition, then we would have a better voice.’
    • ‘On the Nice Treaty, he believes that a rainbow coalition combined to defeat the treaty last time.’
    • ‘Talk abounds about a rainbow coalition after the next general election here.’
    • ‘I can only say thank you to the rainbow coalition out there who supported us in any way they could.’
    • ‘It is naive to think that the new rulers in Kabul will willingly hand power over to some rainbow coalition of their ethnic rivals.’
    • ‘Vajpayee's BJP is the main party in India's ruling rainbow coalition consisting a score of political parties.’
    • ‘He sees the famed cohesion of the 1994-97 rainbow coalition as his trump card.’
    • ‘This is not on the bankrupt model of the rainbow coalitions of the 1980s where different identities only came together to force their separate programmes on each other.’
    • ‘It's about management teams pragmatically and opportunistically assembling rainbow coalitions of voters by calculated appeals to specific interest groups, generations and so on.’