Meaning of rainbow nation in English:

rainbow nation

Pronunciation /ˌreɪnbəʊ ˈneɪʃ(ə)n/


  • A multiracial or multicultural country (used especially of South Africa in the post-apartheid era).

    ‘The young students are products of post-apartheid South Africa with its rainbow nation aspirations.’
    • ‘History, heritage and tourism in the rainbow nation can be a lucrative business.’
    • ‘Take the host nation, South Africa, the former land of apartheid which became the "rainbow nation" with perhaps the most egalitarian state constitution in the world.’
    • ‘The Archbishop wishes to see a diverse diocese, representing a rainbow nation.’
    • ‘It was supposed to be a celebration of South Africa as the rainbow nation of all races united by soccer.’
    • ‘And because we're a rainbow nation, there are so many different cultures, so many different colors, they like this stuff.’
    • ‘They had voted enthusiastically when democracy dawned in 1994 to be a part of the new rainbow nation, and had done the same in 1999.’
    • ‘Remember, people, we are a rainbow nation … or are these just words?’
    • ‘As a traditional leader I have to play my part in eradicating crime so that all of us can live in a crime-free rainbow nation.’
    • ‘But the "rainbow nation" has largely defied the doomsayers, rising as Africa's most powerful economy and one of its most stable democracies.’
    • ‘Masses of revellers thronged the streets of Newtown when the rainbow nation got together to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights, on Saturday, 22 November.’
    • ‘Pienaar epitomised the hopes of the rainbow nation’
    • ‘We are of course the ultimate rainbow nation and proud of it too.’
    • ‘Now president of the historically white Information Technology Association, Mdwaba said his goal for the country is to create "an economic rainbow nation."’
    • ‘Britain's rainbow nation is more diverse than ever, thanks to the combination of a tolerant populace, vocal gay community and forward-thinking government.’
    • ‘And despite all of the doomsday predictions about post-apartheid South Africa, it seems Nelson Mandela's rainbow nation is slowly emerging, with the atrocities of the past forgiven, but not forgotten.’
    • ‘IN 1996, in the 'rainbow nation' that was post-apartheid South Africa, Mike went in search of his pot of gold.’
    • ‘Has the rainbow nation faded to a country of black and white?’