Meaning of rakshasa in English:


(also raksasa)


  • (in Hindu mythology) a malignant demon.

    • ‘The rakshasa set fire to the tail of Hanuman.’
    • ‘The nails of a European, like those of a Rakshasa, distil a deadly poison, and hence he is afraid to eat with his fingers, as all respectable people do, and prefers to use a knife and fork.’
    • ‘On the same mountain lived a Raksasa named Parasu, frightening the heavenly Brahmins.’
    • ‘The Rakshasas robbed people of their senses and 'possessed' them.’
    • ‘Surrounded by ghastly Raksasas who bore all kinds of weapons, he stormed at Rama.’
    devil, fiend, evil spirit, fallen angel, cacodemon


From Sanskrit rākṣasa ‘demon’.