Meaning of ram raid in English:

ram raid

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  • A robbery in which a shop window is rammed with a vehicle and looted.

    ‘We went to see one of the pharmacists there who was just getting over a ram raid through her shop window.’
    • ‘The other day I visited a pharmacist in Auckland who had suffered from ram raids.’
    • ‘The move follows a series of recent ram raids, when thieves have smashed into the barriers to get at the cash.’
    • ‘Offenders stole 12 bottles of Jim Beam bourbon in the ram raid at the Chapman Road store.’
    • ‘Police have arrested three men and a juvenile over a ram raid at Lamb for Liquor bottle shop early on Sunday morning.’
    • ‘Raiders used a stolen four-wheel-drive vehicle in an early morning ram raid on a Salisbury gift shop on Friday.’
    • ‘Detectives are probing links between two smash-and-grab robberies on Bolton banks and a ram raid on a Bury bank.’
    • ‘A Tadworth man has been charged in connection with three ram raids in Banstead, which were all carried out on the same night.’
    • ‘The white Ford Sierra was used in three ram raids before ending up burnt-out in Beare Heath, four miles south of Dorking.’
    • ‘A gang of masked robbers stole thousands of pounds worth of electrical equipment during a ram raid on a shop in Prestwich.’
    • ‘Just over a year ago, Eurotechnix was a victim of a ram raid.’
    • ‘Incidents have included ram raids and commercial burglaries.’
    • ‘Following a ram raid in November 2002, Mrs Skirrow and her business partner Sarah Oakley had shutters installed.’
    • ‘Karen said they realised the seven-seater Shogun was gone on Tuesday morning and then received a phone call from the police to say it had been used in a ram raid.’
    • ‘We have had robberies in the past, but not ram raids.’
    • ‘But many other villains are stealing cars to use in other crimes, such as robberies and ram raids, then setting fire to them to cover their tracks.’
    • ‘There have been 24 ram raids throughout Kent since December 2004.’
    • ‘‘We are hoping to stay because other than our problems with the ram raids this is a good little shop and we want to keep it as such,’ she said.’
    • ‘The council was supposed to be fencing off the shops to prevent ram raids but that has not been completed.’
    • ‘The Leigh shop, which has only had three managers in its 48 year history, was the target of a big armed robbery in 1988 and has since been the subject of ram raids.’
    theft, robbery, raid, ram raid, burglary, larceny, thievery, break-in, hold-up